Telecommunication Services

Find the Best Carrier, the Best Solution at the Best Price.

Telecommunications costs represent a large percentage of your IT budget. Reliability and support are major factors when evaluating data and voice providers - but often a company limits their analysis to just a few well known providers. Or other proven technology options are overlooked. In either case Anvil can broaden your perspective and save you money.

At Anvil we take the time to understand your specific data and voice requirements rather than merely replicate your existing network design. We take applications, delivery models and business rules into consideration in order to find the design best suited to fit your needs and save you money. We can use advanced data probes to analyze bandwidth utilization trends - all with an eye to make sure you buy only what you need.

Anvil has experience in every voice and data transport technology - from traditional Frame Relay networks to more advanced MPLS and Virtual Private Network's (VPN's) and Voice over IP solutions. Put us to work by allowing us to do a Telecom Audit. It's free. It's simple. And if your company is like most, it will save you 40% on your telecom costs.

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Anvil can help you take advantage of these changes and guide you through your choices. It's typical for our clients to reduce their costs by 40% or more.
As a result of energy de-regulation, Anvil now offers services that would help reduce the ever increasing electric costs that have become an issue for most businesses.
Realizing that no two engagements are exactly the same, Anvil’s consultants help clients identify and define their technology needs.

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