Success Stories

A Track Record of Success
Anvil has helped all of our customers with a variety of problems. Here is a small sampling of stories that best describe how we have made an impact.

Network Management / Quality of Service
Professional Services
Company Size:
70 locations across the US
Annual Sales:

This company's rapid growth an increased reliance on network availability and performance posed some real challenges to the IT staff. As more applications were delivered over the hub and spoke frame relay network, application performance deteriorated. As a professional services organization that relied on timely responses to customer requests, this was unacceptable.

One alternative was to simply increase the amount of bandwidth available to every location. But this solution would not only double the WAN costs, it might not even solve their problem.

Enter Anvil Network Solutions . We helped this customer use network monitoring and quality of service practices to guarantee that mission critical applications receive the bandwidth they need to function efficiently.

Telecom Audit Services
Company Size:
3 locations
Annual Sales:

Times have been tough for the US manufacturing sector. Everyone wants to reduce spending, but not everyone has the time or the training to do so efficiently. Typical of many companies, this plastics manufacturer runs lean and mean. In a low margin business any cost savings needs to be explored. Having previously established links connecting all three of their locations, voice and data traffic ran smoothly. But contracts were renewed without much thought as no one had the time to look at alternatives, and there was a fear of change.

Requiring only a couple invoices, Anvil was able to recognize that dramatic cost savings were possible. Both voice and data link costs were far above current market prices. On the clients behalf Anvil requested new bids from the current vendors as well as three prospective vendors. The incumbent did not provide a competitive quote. Anvil was able to successfully manage the migration of the voice and data traffic to a new carrier, and reduce the client's costs by over 40%.

Anvil can help you take advantage of these changes and guide you through your choices. It's typical for our clients to reduce their costs by 40% or more.
As a result of energy de-regulation, Anvil now offers services that would help reduce the ever increasing electric costs that have become an issue for most businesses.
Realizing that no two engagements are exactly the same, Anvil’s consultants help clients identify and define their technology needs.

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